Vokera Boiler Repairs and Servicing in Glasgow

Vokera boilers are among the most popular boilers for homes across the UK due to the fact that this brand offers fantastic value for money. It is not a secret that this brand is considered to be mid-range, and annual servicing is necessary to ensure they serve you a number of years – this statement applies to other makes and models too.

Where Vokera wins over other brands, is that they are not as expensive to repair with a wide range of second hand parts available on the market. Here are some of the most popular Vokeras that we tend to repair in Glasgow area:

  • Vokera Easy Heat
  • Vokera Easy Heat Plus
  • Vokera Compact
  • Vokera Linea
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We Fix a Wide Range of Vokera Faults

Our boiler engineers have years of experience fixing older and newer versions of Vokera boilers. We can diagnose most of the issues on the spot and 9/10 times we can fix them right there and then.

Repairs carried out on the newer Vokeras and more complex and are better carried out by someone with experience. Without further ado, let’s have a look at what are the most common reasons why customers ask us to come out to their properties.

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Boiler Losing Pressure

It is fine for a boiler to loose pressure over a long period of time, but if you have to top it up more than once per week, then you may be having either a fault within the boiler, or within your central heating system. In which case you should bring in a boiler engineer as continuing to use your boiler with consistently failing could cause other problems within it making it unsafe in the long run.

Issues With Hot Water

There might be a number of reasons why your Vokera is not providing hot water, and that won’t be because of low pressure. Your boiler should provide an error code that will let you know the main reason for its failure, but if it’s a deep rooted issue, you might not even get a code. In this instance all internal parts should be checked to, but one of the most common problems can be a blocked heat exchanger.

Leaking, Dripping, Or both

If your boiler is leaking then it could be a simple fix such as replacing a washer. If that is the case, after all the necessary bolts are tightened and washers replaced you boiler is likely to fire up again with no huge investments. In some instances a part might need to be repaired or replaced within the boiler itself. It really depends on the age of the boiler and how it has been maintained.

Common Vokera Repairs

Vokera is a very popular boiler make and sometimes if an expensive part breaks, then there might be a chance to find a used part on the market, but it’s not always a good solution because there are no warranties provided on used parts.  Every situation is unique and the engineer will propose the best plan of actions based on the condition of your boiler. Here are some of the most frequent issues that cause Vokeras to stop working:

  • Faulty Fan
  • Faulty diverter valves
  • Issues with an expansion vessel
  • Issues not having Install a Magnetic System Filter
  • Ignition issues
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Servicing Vokera Boilers

It is recommended to have your Vokera boiler serviced every 12 months by a Gas Safe qualified engineer who will able to carry out necessary maintenance work, so if it suddenly breaks, the boiler will still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. And if it has been serviced by a non-Gas-Safe engineer, then there won’t be any warranty provided by the manufacturer, meaning that you will have to pay for all the labour and parts yourself, even if it is couple of years old.