Gas Safe Engineer Services in Glasgow

We all are also aware of the risks that unsafe gas work might lead to.

This is why it is so important to have the gas work carried out by professionals that specialise in this field. Workmen that are allowed to work on gas appliances are called Gas Safe Engineers, and we are here to ensure that any work forwarded to us, will be done by them.

Gas appliances are perfectly safe when installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer, but they can become really dangerous if fitted by an unqualified gas engineer.

Whether you are having a new boiler installed or are looking to book your central heating annual checkup, be sure to make your little research on Gas Safe engineers in Glasgow before letting anybody work on your central heating system or any of the gas appliances.

When to call a Gas Safe engineer?

For obvious health and safety reasons, you should never try to fix your boiler or gas appliance yourself.

It could be dangerous and in some cases, it might end up costing you way more than if you would have called a certified Gas Safe Registered engineer in Glasgow.

Nevertheless, there are a few things you can check before calling a Gas Safe engineer:

  1. Power supply. Check the fuse or main circuit breaker are working before panicking for a false emergency.
  2. Gas supply. Is the emergency control valve open? If it is not, the gas can’t flow and therefore you will not have any hot water and heating will not work.
  3. Pilot light. If the pilot light is off, you can reignite your boiler by following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Boiler controls and thermostats. All controls should be set correctly.
  5. If the pressure is lower than 1 bar, boilers are not likely to restart for safety reasons. Use the filling loop to top up the system with water to correct the problem of low pressure.
  6. Radiator valves. Unadjusted radiator valves could be the reason why your home is not heated up.

Central heating still not working?

Then it’s probably time to get in touch with ‘Boiler Repairs in Glasgow’ and ask for a Gas Safe engineer.

If you think your pipes are frozen, you suspect of a gas or water leak or you can hear strange noises, get help from one of the qualified boiler engineer as soon as you can in order to avoid further issues.

We understand that, when an emergency occurs, most people want the help as soon as possible – and they want it as cheap as possible too!

This is probably why customers can rush into the decision of hiring a non-gas-registered engineer, while this is a big mistake.

The person to install your boiler and fix it, if this is the case, must know what they are doing. The main reason behind this is how dangerous carbon monoxide (one of the gases used to run your appliances) can be: it is extremely flammable and very toxic.

Getting your gas jobs carried out by an illegal fitter, who isn’t properly qualified, could put yourself and your dearest ones at risk of gas poisoning, fires and explosions.

As you can see, these regulations are in place for a reason.

How to identify a gas safe Registered Engineer


So how do you know if a gas engineer is properly qualified for the job you need done?

Qualified engineers are all registered by law on the Gas Safe Register to legally carry out their work. If someone is not on it, it means they are not qualified to work on any gas appliance in your home or business.

You can check the Gas Safe Register yourself if you know the details of the engineer you are looking to hire. You can also check if they are qualified for your job by checking their Gas Safe ID in the same register.

central heating engineer working
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All our engineers are Gas Safe registered

At Boiler Repairs in Glasgow we are a team of Gas Safe registered engineers.

All of our specialists have the necessary qualifications to carry out any kind of jobs at your household or business, from boiler replacements to emergency boiler repairs.

Our experience and knowledge have made us a reliable boiler repair and installation company in Glasgow. Get in touch now on 0141 363 0033 or contact us via email for a quote on our services.