Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What kind of boilers do you repair?

We perform boiler repairs on all makes and models. Generally speaking, some boilers are easier than others when it comes to getting parts but essentially the mechanics are all the same so there should not be any issues sourcing a required part for your boiler. If we cannot source a required part ASAP, we will advise you with the best course of actions or will let you know with alternative solutions.

Question: What happens if you can’t get the necessary boiler spares?

There will be a reason for it. If we can’t get the parts we have to assume that nobody can. Our sources are industry proven so failure to get spares is an incredible rarity.

Question: What if the job takes longer than you thought?

You pay whatever fee we initially agreed and we will absorb the loss if one occurs.

Question: Do you offer an emergency repair call out in Glasgow?

Of course, but this may be chargeable. We are more than happy to visit you for an estimate, but if you want our boiler engineers on the spot at 3:00AM, it will likely cost more than a standard call out.

Question: The website states that it provides great prices, is this true and if so how to know?

We have been in the trade for a long time, and we have worked for letting agencies and individual companies as well as ourselves. We carry out all the jobs in the most efficient manners. By this, we mean we actually spend the time diagnosing the problem. By working ethically, we like to think that repeat work and referrals is worth the hard work. We are so convinced by our honest pricing process, that we ENCOURAGE potential clients to shop around.

Question: Free first hour of work that comes with the repair call out charge - is this true?

Yes, it certainly is. There are conditions however.

The boiler and controls must be accessible. Occasionally we are asked to look at a boiler that is “Built-In” – so taking cupboards apart or lifting carpets does count into the first hour. We can tackle inaccessible boilers in two ways. You can make it accessible before we get there, or we can charge a nominal fee to make it accessible for you. Once the boiler can be reached the free diagnostic procedure starts. It isn’t fair to expect any gas engineer to do an hours work before they can even inspect the fault.

Question: Why should you trust us getting the boiler for you?

We get major brand boilers at discounted rates. We pay less than you will pay if you would try to source the boiler yourself. The final invoice WILL BE LESS than you would pay a national organisation.

Question: Is the old boiler removal calculated into the boiler installation price?

Yes. We will remove your old boiler for you when installing a new model without any additional cost.

Question: Do you do boiler replacements in Glasgow?

Yes we do boiler replacements in all of Glasgow area. We offer competitive prices for all the major brands of boilers. Contact us for a oblication free quote to see if it satisfies you.

Question: What kind of boilers can you install?

All varieties are catered for to include back boilers, combi boilers, & system boilers.

Question: How long does a boiler replacement take?

New boiler installation can take a full day depending on the complexity of the installation. Sometimes the job can be completed within half a days of work as we always have two people working on all installations.

Question: How much does a gas boiler replacement cost?

It depends on a number of factors: what boiler you choose, what type of property you have, if it is a just a straight swap or any modifications are needed. If you would like to know, please contact us to discuss your circumstances.

We Are Hard Workers

We work hard to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of satisfaction when we take up the job. No boiler repair is too small or too big. If you think you have any issues with your boiler, do not hesitate to give us a call or discuss whatever your issue might be.

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