Central Heating Power Flush

Not a lot of people know that radiators need to be flushed in order for the whole heating system to work correctly.

Occasionally, it is necessary to regenerate your heating system with a power flush in order to remove all the dirt and sludge form your pipes and radiators in order for the whole heating system to work efficiently.

This will lower your heating bills, make your system work better and also give you peace of mind that your boiler is working to its full capacity with no blockages.

Otherwise, if there are blockages in your pipes, your house will take a long time to heat up and your boiler will be working harder than it should, which obviously wears it out quicker.

If you have a new boiler fitted without a power flush being carried out, the problems will still be there and your new boiler will be damaged by all the dirt in the system.

Not only that, but warranty will be void as all boiler supply’s insist on a power flush being carried out before a new boiler is fitted.

You will need a Power Flush if you are experiencing:

  • Very high heating bills
  • Boiler taking longer to heat up your home
  • Radiators not getting hot
  • Hot water going fine but then then cold suddenly appears
  • Noisy boiler, radiators or pipes

If you do have any or all the problems above, a power flush will solve these issues. Don’t think that a new boiler is the only way to fix the problem any of these issues.

If you have any questons, or you would like to find out our pricing and availablility, do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you with power flushing services in Glagsow.