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From time to time we hear from our customers that it can be tricky to find skilled AND reliable central heating engineers that can provide high level of service and be fair with pricing at the same time. At Boiler-Repairs-in-Glasgow we listen to what our customers want, and we provide unrivalled level of service for a range of central heating installations and equipment at very competitive rates.

If you are considering a full central heating installation, or just simply after some advice on how to make your home warmer, then most likely you will need to contact a heating engineer in your area. And if you are reading this, then most likely you are after one!

With over thirty years of experience, Boiler-Repairs-in-Glasgow gathers expertise and reliability, operating central heating services within Glasgow area.

If you own a business in Glasgow and you are considering a boiler replacement or an upgrade in heating system within your commercial premises, then your requirements will likely be different from the ones of a home owner. We provide our services to business owners too who will benefit of the experience of our commercial heating engineers in Glasgow.

We provide the following central heating services:

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Upgrades
  • Inspections and quotes
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So what is a central heating engineer?

A local heating engineer is a professional who undertakes boiler repair and installation services, and who will help you maintain your heating system and appliances in your property, ensuring that they all work efficiently and safely.

At Boiler-Repairs-in-Glasgow, we proud ourselves on our greatly experienced staff. Our central heating and boiler engineers cover a huge range of works from boiler servicing to replacement of full central heating systems. We cover the whole of Glasgow area trying to accommodate your needs and timeframes.

Receive free quotes from heating installer in your area. Give us a phone call on to find out more on how we can help you. Call Us: 0141 363 0033

What to look for when hiring a heating engineer?

Sometimes it’s not easy finding the right heating specialist that will tick all of your boxes. There are some key points you should be focusing on when looking for the best heating engineer in Glasgow or generally in Scotland.

1) Consider the experience of the person you are about to hire. Bear in mind the type of work you want get done, as some boiler installation specialist might not be able to deliver some more complicated jobs due to the nature of the industry and technical knowledge required.

2) Consider only qualified women. All of the heating specialist at Boiler-Repairs-in-Glasgow are qualified and accredited heating and gas engineers. Only certified gas can legally work on gas appliances due to obvious reasons. So when you meet your heating specialist, ask them what are the most recent qualifications they have achieved.

3) Ask your heating engineers what are they planning to do. At Boiler-Repairs-in-Glasgow we keep no secrets to our customers. We understand that home repairs such as central heating renewals and boiler installation can become a bit of a nightmare for home owners as these are not easy tasks. We always explain to our customers what our plans are, what materials we are going to use and how we will undertake the project, so that you get peace of mind while we do the hard work.


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Central Heating Services

Committed Engineers

At Boiler-Repairs-in-Glasgow, we are committed to giving you the best central heating services around. Our Gas Safe Registered Engineers offer years of experience and great pricing.

Experienced Staff

We can supply and service any make and model of boiler with our expert knowledge in central heating services. Trust us to ensure your boiler safety with new boiler installations and boiler servicing.

Improve Your Home

With our central heating and hot water conversions, we often are able to remove your immersion tanks in the attic and modify the systems to accept a high efficiency combination boiler, saving you money on your bills with energy efficient heating.

Improve Efficiency

Order central heating power flushing that will clear out the sludge and improve the efficiency of your heating system ensuring more energy efficient heating.

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Thinking of upgrading your central heating?


If your central heating system is over fifteen years of age, it’s very likely to be obsolete and in need of upgrading. Outdated boilers, pipework and heating systems will struggle to heat up your house quickly, and will result in a waste of energy and expensive bills.

But before you go ahead with your heating system renewal, it may be advisable to find out what type of central heating system you have and choose the most appropriate upgrade for your household and your wallet. Experience central heating engineers will be able to explain all the central heating options on the market and will give you comparisons on what would be recommended for your specific household.

What is worth noting, there is no such thing as a standard central heating that is compatible with every household. So for example, if you are looking to upgrade your boiler and pipework, central heating engineer will have to consider the size of your home to understand which type of boilers are suited that specific household.

We cover this topic in depth in our “How Combi Boilers Work” blog post, where you will see comparisons between different types of boilers and their functions.

Meet our central heating engineers in Glasgow

If you have any questions at all, call now on 0141 363 0033 or send us an email at contact@boiler-repairs-in-glasgow.co.uk regarding any central heating services, power flushing, or a Gas Safety Certificates.

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