New Boiler Installers in Glasgow

If there is one very important and underappreciated item in your home, then most likely it will be your boiler. It keeps your home warm and cosy, it provides the household with hot water to cook to wash the dishes and, more importantly, enjoy a relaxing shower at the end of the day. And usually, we take all of this for granted!

When the whole heating system works flawlessly, then it’s a dream, but when it keeps on breaking and costing you, then it is a real pain in the….brain!

You read it right! Pain in the brain! Which means you will be looking for local installers in your area, and this is how (most likely) you have ended up on our this page. Without further adieu, let’s explore the boiler replacement topic a bit more in-depth.

So what happens when you decide to get a new boiler? Well, most likely you will be shopping around because the cost of a modern and efficient boiler is not that low. Even the more basic models can cost from around £1000, and that is on a lower end of what is available on the market. It is a significant amount of money that we all could use to go on a holiday, but when your central heating appliance keeps on breaking or is costing you more in bills than it should, then it is a no brainer where that money will have to be spent.

New boiler installation is not an easy topic, and it would be difficult to answer all of our customers’ questions. So instead, we have touched on a couple of important points that should be considered. We hope that some of the following insights will be useful to you, especially if you are in a hunt for reliable work men in Glasgow.

Knowing the main types of boilers

Before the engineers undertake any work, you will need to choose a new boiler.

Finding the right purcahse for your home can become a hard task, as there are hundreds of brands and models available and you might not know exactly what you are looking for.

We can provide you with some useful advice on this matter, as there are a number of things to consider.

So first, let’s have a look at a couple of types of boilers that we are able to install, which mainly depends on the type of property that you own.

Combi boilers

Combi boilers are small appliances that are able to provide central heating for your home while heating water. As they are connected to the water mains, there is no need for water storage, making these the perfect solution for small homes.

They are also quicker to install than other boilers. (If you would like to read up more in-depth about this topic, then read our blog post here).

System boilers

If you live in a home with high water needs, it is likely that you would benefit better of a system boiler.

Although they need some more space than a combi boiler (they store the hot water in a cylinder and you will also need a cold water storage), they also deliver a constant supply of hot water for the whole house, while combi boilers may not be able to deliver pressure and hot water in several taps at the same time.

Regular (Open Vent) boilers

Bigger houses with multiple bathrooms, where a lot of hot water might be used at the same time will definitely benefit of a regular boiler, also called Open Vent boiler.

They can provide a lot of hot water at once, but they need a  lot of space for storage. Usually their cilinder for hot water will be placed in an airing cupboard and the cold water tank will be placed in the loft.

What else should you consider when buying a new boiler?

Now that you have an idea about what type of boiler would suit your needs better, it’s time to pay attention to other factors that might influence your final choice.

We are talking about price, serviceability, warranty and efficiency.

New Boiler Installation Costs

‘How much does a new boiler cost?’ is a common question that we often hear from a lot of our customers.

And we do not blame them for asking it, because quite often we are talking about a considerable amount of money.

So what do we charge for installation work? Well, it depends on a range of factors:

  • What is the size of your property?
  • How much work is it involved to get the appliance installed?
  • What type of brands are you interested in?
  • How much control do you want over your settings?
  • How efficient do you want your appliance to be?
boiler repacement services copy

New boiler installation can scare people out due to its cost, but being realistic, getting your inefficient, an upgrade could save you up to £300 a year JUST in gas bills. Sounds unrealistic?

Well, when divided into 12 months, then it paints a different picture! So when you are looking for a new boiler to get your old one replaced, efficiency is something that should be considered by anyone.

Do you know what boiler you would like to get?

Then get a quote today and learn more about the associated costs with the help of one of our engineers And if you have not decided yet, then keep on reading.

boiler replacement in glasgow

Consider Boiler Serviceability and Warranty

A boiler that is expensive does not necessarily mean that it will be performing way better than any other central heating fixture below its price range.

When choosing your purchase, try to find out how easy would it be to fix in case of a failure, what kind of functions it has, what are the advantages over cheaper products, and what are the intervals of each service.

Regular servicing is especially important to maintain the boiler’s warranty after the installation.

Do not skip appliance servicing intervals, as it will not only give you peace of mind that it is in good health, but it will prove the manufacturer that the boiler has been looked after in case of a failure, which will be in your favour if you will want to claim the full warranty.

New Boiler Efficiency

If you are going to replace your boiler, it needs to be for one that is going to do a better job than the old one. Appiance efficiency can be defined, in short, as the difference between the energy it uses and the energy it provides.

Most of the new boilers are very efficient and will meet certain environmental standards and regulations, but if you are eco-conscious, or you have a big household, then efficiency is one of the topics you should explore.

Keep the old one or buy a new boiler?

Sometimes you might not be sure if you want to keep your heating system for a bit longer or change it for a new one. Here are some ideas that may help you make a final decision about it.

  • Is it more expensive to repair the boiler than buying a new one? Consider there’s a point where your heating will just keep on breaking from time to time. This could cost you more money long term than investing in an upgrade.
  • Does your boiler allow you to control your heating as you need it? i.e. using your thermostat or a mobile phone app?
  • Does your boiler have a continuous pilot light? This pilot might seem harmless, but it is a waste of gas.
  • Is your it on the floor instead of the wall? This means it is likely to be an old appliance and less energy-efficient.
  • Is it rated for the right energy efficiency?

These are only some of the questions that you should be asking yourself. However, if you are still unsure about it, we are just one call away to answer all your doubts and questions about the topic.

Get in touch with us today and we will do our best to provide you with all the necessary details before you commit for a central heating upgrade. Call us on 0141 363 0033